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ames Baker

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to Pissed

I have received no response on any submissions, until this email. Nor, do I need any written answer.

What I am looking for is attitude adjustments to have on-air personalities deal honestly with issues. It may also require them to do more research, as it often appears that they know less about a subject than do I. They are also contorting themselves into politically correct pretzels in attempting to avoid offending any of the snow flakes out there who are just looking for a trigger so they can go off on the conservatives.

For what it is worth, I believe that the recent election was so rife with fraud that it means nothing. I also think that proper reviews of the conduct of this election will result in total validation of President Trump's claim that he won.

With this in mind, and I challenge you to refute it, the pervasive practice of Newsmax personnel stating as a matter of fact that the Biden Administration will be taking office, and under them, we will experience . . . .

(fill in the blank). At the very least, Newsmax could end up with "egg on its face" and at the worst, will have failed miserably in pursuing information and passing it on to customers, even if it is only possible outcomes to be considered.

And, while I have your ear, the practice of assigning a time slot and telling the moderator to "talk" is resulting in boring regurgitation of news. You air items over and over, and over, until, at last, something new breaks. I can see you needing updates, but something like "Investigators are still sifting through the wreckage of the Amtrak train which derailed three days ago." might well suffice, rather than a full twenty minute re-airing of the original report.

News can become boring with needless repetition.

I'll tell you what I told Fox before I stopped watching them - their mantra to be "fair and balanced" was interpreted (by management) to mean that they were not to express a view, without allowing some irritating bigot to come on and expound endlessly the Democrat party line on that particular subject, ad nauseam. I was not watching Fox, nor did I switch to Newsmax, to listen to Democratic rhetoric

Newsmax is currently my choice in news sources.

I hope to see you grow and mature to become the finest source of information for a public hungry for facts. I will support you, but will also make critical suggestions when I feel they are warranted.

Jim Baker

Location: Montgomery, Alabama

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Trump just got impeached for a second time! Hahahaha!

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