I have been unsubscribing for weeks now and can't get them to stop multiple emails a day. This is harassment.

I wish there was something I could do to stop them because my email is sent directly to my phone and all these no-name and small *** companies actually do unsubscribe me once I submit it and don't bother me anymore but Newsmax is horrible.

I wish someone would start a class action lawsuit to teach them a lesson on harassment. It's worse than telemarketing to some extent because my phone vibrates every time I get an email because I have important stuff that go to my email box that I need to get right away.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Same here! It wont go AWAY.

Google allows it somehow into gmail.

They wont block them. Time for a lawsuit for sure!

Duarte, California, United States #1282075

Hear! Hear! I have been trying to unsubscribe for MONTHS!

Steinsel, Luxembourg, Luxembourg #1264172

This review was obviously made by some whining liberal.

Makawao, Hawaii, United States #1207976

Join the mega massive club!

Everyone needs to be warned before they fall for a Newsmax article, never to subscribe.

You have to block them or send them permanently to junk.


I have tried many times to unsubscribe and get no where this group could

hurt conservative causes because of their bone headed policies the leader of this mess is on FOX all the time. I want my email UN clogged . you annoy me


Same thing here. I subscribed for a while, to see what the rightwing folks had to say.

It was interesting, but I found there was no way I could respond to anything they said, challenge any of it. It's a one-way broadcast from an organisation too fearful to let anyone test what they have to say. So, I tried to unsubscribe, as they never have anything now to add.

At first the unsubscribe seemed to work. Then suddenly I began getting emails again.

I have now unsubscribed countless times, yet they continue to send emails. Not as many as when I was subscribed, but enough to know they have definitely not taken my email off their list as they claim to do.

They are completely untrustworthy!


never signed up for newmax and they send me many junk emails plus reagan report i didn't ask for, took a *** vote on pres but never activated it now i stuck with there junk???

Rensselaer, Indiana, United States #742684

I will NOt give up on What you are trying to do to me whether you delet my posts or not....Do you hear me??? I Will warn everyone and I will still do so!!!

Nuff said by me right now. Will contact my Attorney tomorrow!!!


Probably a NSA virus to attract potential high risk security threats. Very hard to remove.

Provincetown, Massachusetts, United States #685419

It figures that such a radical right wing rumor and hate mongering electronic rag would be like a tick - hard to dislodge and sucking your blood.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #652026

To stop the emails call 1-888-766-7542 and ask for customer service. That is what I did and hopefully all the emails will stop. Good luck to you!

Bay City, Michigan, United States #603405

Can't you block their email address? Or, go into your account with them and change the email they have for you to another, throw-a-way email you get from, say Hotmail.com?

NewsMax is like this, as I also subscribed to their emails a few years ago and they were insidious in their attempts to sell you things---constantly.

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #603393

Just mark their email as spam and set your spam folder intake not to forward any email sent to the spam folder to your iPhone. But really, you should never use an "unsubscribe" link in email because the overwhelming majority of the time, all that does is further confirm your email address is active which begets more spam.

Best use the approach of creating a junk mail email account for all your online registrations, separate from your main email account(s). And set your spam filters appropriately. Worst case scenario, delete the email address and create a new address. But first try and set your spam filters properly.

Believe it or not, Yahoo is far superior to Gmail in auto-identifying spam and is much easier to configure (IMO). Good luck.

to Stinky! San Antonio, Texas, United States #636610

Yahoo at one time automatically deleted spam from your folder. The automatic doesn't work anymore.

So your have to delete it anyway. Then you have to mark it delete.

I'm not happy about Yahoo. And yes, I have separate email accounts.

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