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Im sorry NewsMax, but we the people matter. The reason you became so popular is because, Fox News let America down during a critical time when we needed real unbiased news.

We turned to you guys! We did notice things we didnt care for with certain people and subjects, but we stayed because of Greg K. and Stinchfied and a few others. But come on, why is Bob S.

Allowed to treat Mike Lindell the way most democrats treat Republicans. Like Shit!?!! You've lost many viewers because youre turning into Fox News. I'm so disgusted by this guy on a good day, not alone after he treated such a good, God loving American like Mike Lindell so horribly.

This is disgusting and uncalled for. A blind man would be able to tell this Presidential election was stolen, fraud happened. You cant just sweep it under the rug and pretend its not true. The truth will prevail and as much as my family and friends enjoy Greg And a few other good guys we dread Bob Sellers.

I hate to say this but weve lost faith in NewsMax!

Maybe CNN is hiring, so Bob Sellers can take his hate filled evil views to that horrible lying network, Bob would fit right in with his rude, interrupting foolish behavior. What a disappointment Newsmax!

User's recommendation: Don’t watch Bob Sellers! He’s a typical left winged hateful person.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Newsmax Pros: Greg kelly, Truthful opinion backed by full length video of detailed claims, Stinchfield.

Newsmax Cons: Unreliable, Bob sellers.

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