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I am a republican.

I am conservative.

I learned a lot about Newsmax from my brother that worked for them for 4 months.

He was disillusioned but slowly learned they are probably the most dishonest and deceptive news organization not only in the US but in the world. They can be compared to the bias you would get from Russian controlled media, Iranian controlled media, North Korean "news".

Organizations such as this that pitch false conspiracy news if successful will make themselves a lot of money $$$$ and at the same time split our nation even more.

Boycott them and help make our country whole again.

I also voted for TRUMP. Biggest regret ever. Let's get a a strong republican in the office that has a moral compass, not a bigot and is fiscally responsible.


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Newsmax is disgusting to watch.


Doubtful that your are who/what you claim to be rather than a shill for liberal democrats just to provide a negative review of a conservative organization. Off your meds today?

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