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Its hard to trust a news organization whose correspondents cannot properly pronounce the name of the Ukrainian capital! the proper pronunciation is Kiev ( Kee Ev) and 50% of your correspondence say Kiev and the other 50% say Keev, its quite embarrassing!

can you send a memo to the troops that they need to pronounce the name properly? it would go along way with creating trustability for your organization!

Preferred solution: Nothing. I just want the news reporters to pronounce the name of the Ukrainian Capitol properly!.

Location: Redwood City, California

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So you’re saying Ukrainians don’t know how to pronounce the name of their own city? Take your meds.


NO NEED TO BE RUDE! Obviously you did read....or maybe didn't understand my observation.

Some people do not have maybe? Please read again and understand.

50% of USA reporters say 'KEEV" while the other 50% pronounce it correctly when they say 'KIEV' (KEE-EV) - nobody said anything about UKRANIANS not being able to pronounce the name of their Capital. Your immature comment about taking Meds was needless and lame.....besides, my comment wasn't directed at you anyway so mind your business if you can't be a positive force.

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