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My husband and I could not believe our eyes election night as we watched Fox news call Arizona early! From that moment on, as the night progressed into the abyss with Fox, we decided to be a part of the Newsmax family and we never looked back.

We both love your commentators, especially Greg Kelly, a brother in Christ. I want to encourage him and all the other people on Newsmax not to give up EVER! We need people like all of you to continue the positive, uplifting, truth telling news, no matter how bleak, because GOD STILL IS IN CONTROL and HE will NEVER Leave us!

When ever I get down or discouraged, I stop, drop and pray and watch Newsmax.

May God bless each and every person with your fine organization and know you are ALL in our prays daily. Thankyou....

Jerry and Mitzi Jones Chiloquin Oregon

Location: Portland, Oregon

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