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I followed many of its investing tips for a two year cycle. While I did not expect tremendous growth given some of the global economic positions, I did not expect to be in weak positions with every recommendation.

The information looks savvy but the technical analysis using Elliott Wave Theory is severely flawed. With no stop loss, you are subject to significant losses. I am only thankful that I did not invest entirely in his portfolio recommendations. Many of his high recommendations where people have lost thousands or waiting 5-10 years to recover are: BTU, PBR, VALE, TCK, MBT, CIG, ELP.

RSX and CIG to name a few. Look them up yourself.

All this, plus a sell recommendation on AAPL that was way too early. In short, he makes way more money peddling the news letter than money off his investment selections.

I didn't like: False data.

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