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Totally agree that this guy (Sean Hyman) is a VERY BAD advisor to vulnerable people. He may or may not be malicious and deceiving (I don't know him personally), but he sure is a total LOSER when it comes to investment strategy.

I've followed him for three years, and his performance is simply horrible. He gets very nervous of a pullback and sells just when a stock breaks out, and NEVER sells when a stock shows a serious technical breakdown and continues to trickle down as much as 100% I've never seen someone so incompetent (assuming he is honestly trying to give good advise)....also, the guy seems to have some SERIOUS identity issues as he will change his dialect when pronouncing words like "five" or "nine"....he will one minute talk with a very southern draw, and the next minute make a very poor attempt at a 'sophisticated' emphasizing the 'i' in words like 'eye' second its 'aye...southern, what an imitator or wannebe...whatever.. I think he doesn't know who he really is or wants to be. This may be a tangent, but it is a bad psychological sign and should set off alarms.

.....and if I hear the comments again like "a,b,c, parabolic, NORMAL MARKET MECHANICS, Sloppy/choppy" I'm going to do things out of my usually calm character!@%^^&/ He should NEVER be allowed to give financial commentary/advise in a professional capacity again. Also, side note....I don't think he is educated beyond H.S.

level (if that) formal college or respectable formal financial training. Anyone can be a 'gofer" for a financial institution and call it experience

Product or Service Mentioned: Newsmax Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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