Sean Hyman- Money Matrix Insider brags about his credentials and inside track on making money in the currency market.

You can lose a fortune while investing with him even though he tells you weekly through videos and e-mails how and why you should buy/sell currencies with his recommendations. He goes on and on about his brilliant decisions as to why he does what but it is all to no avail because 9 out of 10 times he is wrong and then blames it on conditions beyond his control.

He charges $1500.00 a year for his "professional advice" and you could make more money by throwing darts at a dart-board while blindfolded.

Stay away from him and his website, www.moneymatrix.com

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1351475

I miss you on the Ultimate Wealth Letter & Videos.I really like the way you did things.

I wished you could of just brushed off some of your critics.

I believe high percentage of people really liked what you were doing.If you start up something new count me in........Take care


These negative comments are made by a bunch of Democratic supporting wankers.

to Anonymous #1205273

you are obviously sean himself or a friend/relative.

Sean has hurt everyone who has followed his stock picks over the past few years.Seans subscribers are all republican/right wing/Christians.

Sean has ruined the lives of these people. Sean hasn't ruined the lives of democrats!

If sean wants to go to war against the democrats and take their money then he needs to change his sales pitch.Stock picks for hippies or atheists or something.


It looks like the only people that are whining, are a bunch of disgruntled liberals.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #1201524

Sean Hyman is a fraud.Newsmax took down his gain/loss column as he had every pic wrong.

1000s have lost their life savings and Sean blames them. Newsmax has forbid Sean from recommending anymore pics and forced him to remove several of his picks from his portfolio. He did so but started the legacy portfolio with these losers. What a joke.

Sean Hyman shoul be jailed for his behavior and the damage he has down to 1000's.He shows no remorse and continues his scam

to Anonymous #1202192

The SEC have failed here.The SEC were aware of Sean and did not act.

Sean was already investigated in early 2015 and went to court for his role in the 'revelation forex fund' which stole money from investors. Sean's partner was sent to jail and Sean had to pay $160,000 settlement. I have seen on TWTR that Sean had to sell his house recently. Obviously could not afford the payments.

Ironic considering his 'career' is to give financial advice.He can't even manage his own finances.

Santa Barbara, California, United States #1196062

Does Sean Hyman still go by his $10,000 guarantee? I contacted him via twitter on August 1, 2016 and he responded back to me that I would need to contact newsmax to get the refund. Has anyone had any luck with having Newsmax refund them their money they lost with the terrible investing advice?




yes thanks for this .. as someone who questions tithing now due to being one for quite a while then having a flood hit the place and the insurance company scamming us for what they should have covered I have had to scrape from bottom again to make it and hearing that this guy says tithe make me see it as a possible scam to incorporate people in churches to buy his stuff... i believe in giving to people who need the help and if the law in the Bible was truly active we should all be helping those widows and widowers those who have lost spouses those who are orphaned etc....i could get into this better but the results are that Jesus came tossed the law and gave to the poor himself..well it isn't all an immediate turn over like scammers suggest// so tired of scammers


Thank you for posting this.I totally agree.

I was one of the idiots who subscribed and invested according to his bogus advice. I have lost thousands upon thousands because of him, forfeiting our plans to move to a new home and even the futures of our children. I hope he realizes that he is ruining people's lives, despite his disclaimer. What bothers me most is that he stands behind the Bible, which preaches to be kind, generous, loving, etc; and he is ruthless, greedy, and has no compassion for those he is hurting.

God sees all, Mr.Hyman - shame on you.

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