I have both physical and technical proof. Tik Tok is in the world of child pornography.

Everyone knows this. I have a device hidden but backed up at a friend house, all of my recherché that I have done, is hidden away. I mean that I've been messed with technologically and have had 3 death threats! One of which came via my device as I watched it type in "It Is Your Death" So they had full control if my device and it was from someone who has that kind of (MONEY),

So I have something they do not want out.

Yesterday they tried to hide one of the pages that I have fully documented. I logged on at the same time they where doing this and I documented every thing that they did. Busted and they know this for shure now because they tried to kick me off, but I am a tech geek and I stayed on and logged in!! Any way I have told you in more detail previously.

This will be BIG in the news! So if you do not want this I have another one that is interested. So out of courtesy Please let me know soon because I would really like for you to pick this up. I DO NOT WANT MONEY!!!

I have devices that I will give to you with a few privacy rules. From: Kevin Kresen (607) 269-****

Location: Ithaca, New York

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