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1. Please be reminded that a virus is a moving (mutating) target.


WE are not clones, but rather a zillion variables in our DNA 3. When people are really threatened by death and survival, they have unreasonable expectations for absolute and definite answers.

Cant happen. In my opinion, as a Certified Infection Control Surveillance RN for

20+ years, nothing that he has said is wrong. His responses have evolved as the dynamics of the disease revealed its ugly head.

He was also at the mercy of those senior to him, some of whom felt that the Dr was stealing his thunder. It is amazing to me that he hasn't walked off by now. But rather, he has morphed, better than most doctors would, to the fleeting political opinions and instructions, which have probably backed him into a corner on many occasions. In conclusion, may I suggest that you Google the life cycle of a virus, or something like that, to

better appreciate how far we have come to manage this horrible pandemic.

Plus, in my opinion, this virus could well have been engineered in a lab somewhere, intended to wipe out the USA (aka biological warfare)

by those

who want to dominate the world. That possibility further compromises our ability to study an atypical virus that mutates in atypical ways. But that speculation can neither be proven or disproven.

No Dr could do any better, under these circumstances,

to ease the minds of our (borderline historical ) responses to this devastating pandemic.

Thanks for all you do. I watch only your News every day.

Katherine Collier, RN

Madeira Beach , Fl.

Preferred solution: No solution implied.

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If you don't believe the science. Than your stupid.

As God said. For your lack of knowledge shall you perish.


I like your style

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