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Sean Hyman was just let go by Newsmax. The new editor taking over has advised to "Nuke everything" that Hyman recommended.

This means that you should just walk away from all of your positions and chalk it up to "oh well.. sorry about that." That amounts to a 50% to 100% loss on many of his picks. Sean finally did say "Well if you NEED to you, should sell all of these bad recommendations and re-invest anew with new cash on my NEW picks!" By that time I was down as much as 80% in some stock picks. Bottom line: I lost 30% of my portfolio as a DIRECT result of Sean Hyman.

Years of savings... gone. The proof is that Newsmax FIRED him. And now says..

"sell everything" and that is a quote! Newsmax is a rip off. Do not buy, do not invest.


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I first heard about the Ultimate Wealth Report while listening to "Rush" one day in January 2014. Most of his picks were down 5-10% at that time and I thought it was a good time to jump in the pool.

All to say, over the next 3 years my portfolio dropped by almost 50%! So much for getting in at the right time and dollar cost averaging.

I was also fortunate enough to have purchased Peabody Energy, per Sean's recommendation, and rode it into the ground. The good news is that I have finally figured out my retirement date......not any time soon!!!!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1340600

Sean Hyman didn't say "sell everything and invest with new money in my NEW picks". The NEW editor of Ultimate Wealth Report said that. Sean wasn't allowed to say anything - the sleazy Newsmax just replaced him as editor and we were left holding the bag with no opportunity to hear Sean's side of the story.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1335921

Its' about time Newsmax took a stand with Sean because for all his gum flapping and charts he only gave us losing picks. In the past I have subscribed to newsletters by the new guy Carpenter and his wife when they worked for at Agora.

He's a Harvard guy and she was a professor somewhere and unlike with most newsletter experts I made excellent money with both of them. I hope they haven't changed.


I can recall Sean blaming his subscribers for losing money using his picks. He has no morals.

Sean is still feeling the pain from his $160,000 SEC settlement which is aimed at recovering the money that was stolen from investors in a scheme sean was helping run with his buddy - who is now in jail. Sean had to sell his house, but he claims he is doing so because he believes the Dallas market has 'topped'! lol we know the truth. No honesty.

Now Sean needs money. What will his next scheme be??

to Anonymous Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1340602

Do you have any evidence for these outrageous statements?


You are always responsible for your investment decisions. With thses newsletters, sometimes it is best to wait a month or two on the editors stock picks to see what happens to them.

Stcks go down faster than they go up.

Especially when they cost over 20/share. eg TOT ,IBM,XOM

Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States #1327799

Newsmax did the right thing from what "anonymous" has written.

When a investment newsletter editors recommendation sucks wind for three years, the publisher should step and change editors.

Investors would do well to sell losing portfolios in their entirety every so often.

Sit back and re-access. From what this person is saying - they've been a lemming and they only have themselves to blame.

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