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Consumer alert! NEWSMAX is a right wing rush limbaugh republican tea party outfit disguised as a "news outlet" much like FOX NEWS pretends to be but both are promoting the 1%, Illuminati, Koch Brothers, agenda which is anti american, anti human, anti health, anti natural and instead selfish for the rich.

too bad. someday these ignorant sub human people may WAKE UP to helping people instead of corporations.

meanwhile we, the people, have to do everything we can do to stop such a backward, negative , evil force in the world. LIFE has a way to JOLT people to the realty that we must learn to live together as brothers or we shall perish separately as fools.

Reason of review: bias information.

Preferred solution: alert consumers that this is a bias news source which means not real news at all. it provides no more news than FOX is 'fair and balanced'..

I didn't like: Bias, Bias slanted untrue news reports.

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Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan #962688

Koch Brother- you mean the winners of multiple environmental awards including from the EPA. You must hate truly environmentally sound companies.

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