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I can't believe none of you can figure out that the protest was peaceful and just like everything else that happened it was planned by the left, to easy to just walk in, perfect timing. Your station even showed a clip of the police opening the gate!!

They did not want the election to be challenged, and they stopped that too. I have an x friend that is connected with the far left that told me he guaranteed that the election fraud hearing would be interrupted and Trump would be blamed. Thought that your station was different. Most of your anchors jumped off the Trump wagon when things heated up.

Antifa sent there agitators in wearing Trump flags and hats, Wow how clever! You fooled people with blinders on. I can't believe how corrupt our Country is, it makes Me so sad that money and power can make so many people evil and selfish. Your channel was our last hope and now there is nobody that the American people can trust.

Trump got screwed over and over and over. He was the hardest working President that actually cared about the people. The media is disgraceful along with Twitter and Facebook and the rest of them. We will never accept Biden as our president.

I know nobody will probably read this, but I need to say my peace for my own sanity. Just think our great country is no more. Freedom of speech that nobody will hear. Rigged elections and no voice for the people.

God help our Country!!

Oh, and let's impeach Trump and use the 25th amendment. We are the laughingstock of the world!!!!!!!!!!!.

Can you tell me where I might find a news source for the real people??

Location: Schererville, Indiana

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