Once again I am complaining about the evert 15 mins Lindell's my pillow commercials plays. I switched 2 Newsmax 4 honest news but I miss half the show as, as soon as I hear him I jump 2 chg.

the channel

I did not switch 2 watch the Mike Lindell show, I realize u need sponsors but u can't convince me their r no other sponsors out there. OAN, has em to but only a few, there problem is repeating their news over & over daily & into the evening.

I've got 2 the point that if he offered free pillows I would refuse them.

Can we get back 2 real news & cut the amount of these commercials.

Thank You

Location: Boise, Idaho

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Agreed. Fox News is just as bad!

They shoving commercial in my face constantly! I would never purchase this garbage!


"their r no other sponsors" Why do you think this network and others like it run low-value commercials like this? It's because their audience is low-value 50+-year-old people who do nothing but sit around watching TV all day.

No real advertiser is going to waste ad spend on people who do nothing but molder on a couch or easy chair from the moment they get up. This is why you're only going to see this nut, supplementary insurance, or performance enhancement pills.

Sorry, you had to find out here but you're like old coffee grounds that someone is trying to squeeze one more cup out of before tossing them in the garbage. Hope this helps.

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