I will say again that Newsmax is the BEST conservative news on TV TODAY however many folks I know who watch has the same complaint, way to many My Pillow commercials, about every break we are subjected to his annoying & same commercials. I'm at the point where as soon as I hear.

"HI I'm Mike Lindell and as u know!", I change the channel which happens every 15 damn minuets which causes me to miss yur show.

I wanna C the news I did now sign up 4 the "Mike Lindel show,!" Help or we will switch 2 OAN News. Nuff said!!

Location: Meridian, Idaho

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Sadly losers like you just don't get it. Listen, if you're on a channel that plays nothing but an attorney, class action, medicare, or pillow commercials, you're a low-yield loser.

Channels that play these commercials know they have lifeless people, who do nothing but watch "news" or "Murray" all day everyday. These people are of little to no value to REAL advertisers. Hence the pillow ads in your case. You're of little value to anyone who has money to spend on ads.

You can run, but you can't hide from the pillow boy. He's on Fox, Newsmaxx, the oldie station that plays Adam-12 and will go anywhere YOU go.

Sorry you had to find out the hard way. You're losing relevance and value by the hour.


Just another Mike Lindel butt licker! Aren't you?

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