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Update by user Mar 23, 2016

Since filing this complaint I have not been contacted by Newsmax - Disqus blamed the incident on Newsmax , I was told by Disqus to speak with Newsmax .

Its appalling that in America Freedom of Speech can be taken from a individual by a news source that has their First Amendment Rights as they should .

This will be my last update as my personal email this morning was filled with many posters from Newsmax that I speak with frequently have stopped supporting Newsmax due to their raunchy treatment of clients .

Update by user Mar 21, 2016

One more additional complaint - newsmax allows auto up vote devices , so trolls can have multiple personalities and fake accounts to up vote themselves for raunchy comments . Newsmax/Disqus have become very laxed in moderating disgusting posts , ( example : if a woman is a Trump supporter the troll has been allowed to call the woman whores , street walkers , and many other nasty names - even to the extent of physical harm threatened to me was ignored - the offender allowed to change their moniker and continue to stalk and harass me for my political views ) .

Yet , my conservative views were deleted and the filth left on the diary .

I believe in our Constitutional Republic as well as Our Bill of Rights yet , when a person is being physically threatened and their character attacked for their choice of candidate - no matter whom their voting for in the Primaries both newsmax and disqus have profited from ill behavior of posters .

All incidents reported to newsmax . disqus and proper authorities .

Original review posted by user Mar 21, 2016

I have posted on newsmax for years with a following and over 117,000 up votes until a troll stole my Moniker . I reported the incident to Disqus Moderators as well as to newsmax staff .

I sent a letter to Newsmax Staff Anthony Rizzo with the trolls PNNM# as well as my PNNM# and Disqus and newsmax deleted my account opposed to the troll . I am now banned from Disqus and newsmax for being a victim - they silenced my Freedom of Speech.

Which confirms to me that if newsmax cannot handle a simple task as removing a troll then how can they possibly report the news correctly .

Reason of review: Freedom of speech silenced and humilaited - violated .

Preferred solution: Get rid of disqus - they're biased and useless .

I liked: Some articles.

I didn't like: Being harrassed by other posters.

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after 10,000 posts i receive a block message that i must authenicate who i am and email address!


I have been having the same problem having my posts deleted. This morning I wrote a comment (3 paragraphs) and immediately got a message that it was on hold to be reviewed and then it was deleted.

I am a Christian. I also believe in our Constitutional Republic, so I guess that is the common thread.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1242433

I am Nancy Hart now posting as Racewellwon on BB . I was just upvoted by the Fraud that stole my Moniker so Disqus did nothing to solve the problem - nor did Newsmax.

Note : to the thief you will Never be able to be me.... You're not smart enough.

Nancy Hart


Sounds like a bunch of Democrat liberal douche bags.

Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova #1232550

Liberals are crazy.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1232044

Poster's experience is essentially same as mine.


Hello...I just sent Rudy and Chandler a short email explaining I am now banning their website (they just banned my comments and I have a large reading list of followers). I find it sad that a media website....which should support freedom of so afraid of readers comments that they ban the commentators.

This is...historically... a first step to the demise of the website. I can only watch and hope that this is true for Newsmax.

Dr. Kahn Keller

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1172088

Our Freedom of Speech is being monitored and eliminated . I did write to Newsmax on several occasions in regards to their moderators that are biased and never received a response .

Thank -you Dr. Kahn Keller


Still not resolved as of 4/21/2016 Newsmax never contacted as requested .

I do not miss Newsmax nor Disqus .

As a conservative news source as they claim to be Ruddy gave a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation . I regret financially supporting a fake conservative news source who funds a liar like Hillary .

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1232042

There is something really screwy about this outfit.vfvadet

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