Newsmax is one of the very last networks that allows conservative voice be heard and millions of people turn to you for some comfort and truth. It would be a Huge disservice if your network becomes like fox.

Recently we notice Bob Sellers is very defensive towards some conservatives.

On 2/2/20 the way he got upset at the pillow guy and walked off the show was mean!!!

This Poor pillow guy is being canceled...have some compassion for gods sake.

If Bob Sellers dont like Newsmax or the viewers, maybe he should work for one of the fake news networks. Again, millions of people turn to Newsmax for some validation and comfort so please dont become Fox thank you

Location: Porter Ranch, California

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Bob Sellers Is too liberal for us.

@Dan F Oiu

it's not even the point that Bob Sellers is a "liberal" that he most definitely is. IMHO, he's just a dishonest reporter, concealed Trump-hater, and may very well be the cause that honest and decent viewers, hungry for real news, factual reporting on important developments in our country right now, will start leaving NewsMax.

I, personally, have TV on mute every time Bob Sellers (and John Bachman too, btw) is on, reading only the moving info-band.

IMHO, the very presence of Bob Sellers on NewsMax is an affront to ALL decent people and a total waste of precious day-time that can better be used for reporting of ACTUAL FACTS. let me talk for myself only - I DO NOT NEED Bob Sellers "opinion", I NEED HARD CORD FACTS ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING REAL TIME.

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