Today at approximately 3:15 EST Bob Sellers tried to walk all over Mike Lindell and shut him down. I've seen enough of that on Fox and elsewhere trying to eliminate someone's freedom of speech.

He then got up from his chair like a 5 year old and disappeared on Live TV.

That is unacceptable behavior, he was doing his best Chris Wallace imitation for sure. He does not represent what newsmax is about I will never watch that guy again.

User's recommendation: Unsure.

Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia

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demanding immediate resignation and "dishonorable discharge" without severance of Bob Sellers from NewsMax. Bob Sellers constant and relentless exhibition of anti-Trump sentiments is, frankly, beyond disgusting. if NewsMax aspires to retain Trump-supporters, conservatives, and generally honest and decent people of the US of A, the NewsMax MUST GET RID of sellout Bob Sellers and DO IT REAL FAST, or suffer the even more precipitous drop in ratings that even FoxNews after Nov 3rd, 2020


Bob Sellers is not worth our time .

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