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Very upset that you portray yourselves as true journalists when you omit updates on the Arizona audit and Mike Lindells videos on election fraud. After finding out that Ruddy a far left owner of your station and contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

I can no longer support your sham news station. Your a wolf in sheeps clothing!!! Your the new Fox News 2.0. Gotta hand it to Ruddy .

Hes extorting conservatives for financial gain to supply his far left socialist agenda!!!!OAN is my go to for truthful journalism!!!! Newsmax is as phony as the day is long

Location: Hockessin, Delaware

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"Your " It's You're you muppet. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're?" BTW, did you see Majic Mike Lindell whining because he lost $7million by taking business advice from the Orange Jabba 45?

Who follows much less takes business advice from trump? Oh, losers like you who are stupid enough to believe that ANY news network has your best interest in mind.

Their goal is to keep you couch-locked, watching lame ads, and making them money while keeping you out of the way of people who are living real lives. Great job loser...

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