His shedding of lamb wool is greatly appreciated.... Myself, family, and friend's are boycotting him on your news time....

I told my son, when he came over today...he replied, "I am finished with watching Bob." He should be fired...I am sure The Fake News Media will hire him....

Larry is one hundred percent right...the election was all planned and was stole from President Donald Trump and We the People.... If this keeps up and he is allowed to remain an employee of your's...many are going to drop you....

User's recommendation: Drop Newsmax!

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Bob STILLER behaves like a petulant 3 year old! Dump him now! He would be a better fit on CNN!


No one cares...Where will you and your (chuckle) Beta son go? In case you missed it, all these right-wing nut networks are doing the same thing now that see how easy it is for them to be sued.

You and your son are worthless to them when it comes to big losses. No one is going to spend a ton of money to entertain a couple of slabs...


And go where? You and your son are running out of places to go now that these "news" outlets are learning they can be sued for billions for spreading lies.

Why don't you and that Beta son of yours start your own platform, put your money on the table and make a go of it? It beats sitting on the couch watching the days blur by...

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