Guatemala, Guatemala

I canceled my subscription numerous times by clicking on the "cancel subscription" button since August. 2011.

In September they charged me $54 on my credit card. Wrote them a letter complaing, insisting on my cancellation, and asking for a refund. Nothing happened.

Wrote again in October warning them I would complain to BBB, the Commercial Attache of the US Embassy in Guatemala, and to my lawyers. I told them they were a disgrace to the conservative movement and to US business at home and abroad. They fell silent and no longer sent me any more material.

Yesterday I received a charge on my credit card for $39.95 made on Dec 20, 2011. Visa insists that I pay. Sent Visa copies of my correspondence with these crooks and now Visa insists I have to pay them unless I show them a written cancellation from Newsmax I don't have and never will.

How do I get my money back from these unethical individuals? How do I stop them from continuing to charge my credit card, other than cancelling it?

The numerous complaints Newsmax receives suggests that it isn't a question of inefficiency, but of ethics. Stay away from Newsmax and all of the businesses associated with them!

Carlos Widmann

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I ordered a year's issues 12 months ago;never received any!!!!


Go to your Bank and CANCEL THAT CARD, and let the Bank get your Funds Back!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #733877

Yep, these reviews are made by a bunch of whining liberals.


I have had no problems with Newsmax.I received the book I had ordered and was able to cancel without any problems a subscription to their Ultimate Wealth Report.

I used their toll free number. The credit was posted within a couple of days.

Could it be that all of you complaining about Newsmax don't like the company's conservative stand on political issues?

Let's be fair and objectiv

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #707128

Newsmax does indeed appear to be a crooked, thieving organization.It's easy for them to bill your debit card; it's the difficulty you encounter when you try to stop it.

Newsmax will say they have credited you, but you will receive no credit, and they will blame your bank for failing to forward their refund. They should be strung up. Money is time, and time is life. Newsmax is therefore stealing your life.

If there were justice, which there is usually not, Newsmax would be able to be stopped.

But you get caught in the lair of Mr.Injustice - the psychotic Injustice in America where stealing money and failing to pay is let off the hook.

Kansas City, Kansas, United States #691869

this is a scam it happend 2 me my credit card company took care of it for me thank god


They did the same to me.They charge my credit card on Sept 28, $49, Oct 23, $99, Oct 27, $99 for a ordering a book from their website which only cost $7.49.

I am furious and agree at the republican and Newt Gingirich.We need to unite and fight these ***.


Dear "CS1422"

You should be ashamed to work for an outfit that: a/ apparently practices financial fraud on a routine basis, and 2/ also fraudulently passes itself off as a legitimate, objective newsource...


The magazine, the newletters, the radio offer -- all scams. I'm furious that folks such as ewt Gingrich and *** Morris (well, he's a *** anyway) endorse NewsMax and therefore legitimize it. Stay away!!!


Same story.Bought a book couple years ago, got newsletters that I requested be stopped.

One day $59 charge shows up. I called them, said it would be refunded "right away". Also called CC company same day to inform them. CC said Newsmax had 15 days to refund before they would take action.

at 15 days I filed with BBB. Immediately got email from Newsmax. Said they could not refund if in dispute, which is false, and they had 15 days to do so.

I am pursuing further with BBB and making sure CC knows to go all out with the dispute.Unethical company

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