We love NEWSMAX. It tells the truth which is why CNN had it's worst quarter ever.

Down 82% in viewers. Fake News is what they are!!!

Then you turn on beady eyed Morning Joe and his idiot side kick and all they do is lie and bash TRUMP! They absolutely have nothing else to say. There show is awful.

They might get 20 Facebook comments, it is a joke.

Then there is hating JOY REID! The most hateful lying racist piece of trash on TV.

No one listens to a word she says. Calling every white person privleged and racist is dead and stinking!!!

User's recommendation: Quit listening to the progressive haters. Quit watching people like Nicole Miller & Joy Reid. They are hating liars.

Location: Whitewright, Texas

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"We love NEWSMAX" And we love that YOU and other old people 60+ years old enjoy doing nothing but watching TV filled with pillow commercial ads(a sign of low-value viewers). Networks such as this keep those who can't understand why their kids won't talk to them and/or won't let the grandkids talk to them unless on speakerphone on a couch and out of the way of the living. Please continue to love this network and stay home, out of our way.


Dude get a life!!!


Says a low-value coot who watches TV all day. A great way to spend the last few years of a laughable life. Sorry, the comment touched a nerve...

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