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First of all, Bob Sellers, just because your company decided to roll over and take this election up the crooked creek has nothing to do with your guests and their freedom to express their views/opinions.

Secondly, why haven't you tried to look into the machines vulnerabilities? You, your company and 75K+ million Americans know that this election had enough fraud in it to change the results.

Just ask Stephan Serafini, General Claudio Graziano, or Arturo DElia who testified to fixing the election. Just because you are all just to afraid, lazy or stupid to protect this country doesn't mean it isn't true or that this allows you to make up your own facts. You really do think we are all ignorant surfs and you treat us just as you think of us. Well, we're not, we're just powerless against the massive corruption that is now, it appears, 100% of our government; education, media, entertainment and all of silicon.

Third, "the election results in every state were certified and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final.

The courts have also supported that view.

Nope, you are lying. The courts HAVE NOT supported the view that the results were legal and final. They just never looked at it and exempted themselves from their obligation to uphold our constitution. Not one single court in this entire country has had the balls to even look at the evidence let alone rule on it being legal or final.

In closing, the fact that you wanted to address the censorship happening to all conservatives doesn't happen in a vacuum.

WHY is it happening? Because we are speaking truth to power but the "powers" that be, full of corruption and absent morals, are silencing us.

Educate yourself and stop lying to us - you are only fooling yourself thinking we believe you. Tons of lawsuits are still pending.

What do you think is more harmful? A completely corrupt process being called out, cleaned up and changed regardless of the fall out, to ensure our country doesn't turn into a third world dictatorship or, letting it all go by the way side and accept the ramrodding of an illegitimate government against it's people stand as is, which will be the catalyst for radicalization against a corrupt government against all those who know the truth, are ignored, and then silenced?

YOU are part of the problem.

and Mike

Your "company view" is as ludicrous as you are. Apologize to Mike Lindell, bring him back and let him speak.

With little to no respect,


User's recommendation: Don't pay attention to Bob Sellers.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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"Apologize to Mike Lindell, bring him back and let him speak." Nein...Why doesn't Pillow Boy build his own platform and soapbox from there? Why do you losers always want to play Socialist and try to appropriate private means for (your)public use?

I feel so sorry for people who work at the pillow factory. They'll be losing their jobs if YOU don't start buying more junk from them.

How about it, buy his junk and donate it to the homeless or "the troops" and keep these people eating. In other words, Beta Man put your money where your mouth is.


Socialist? Man, you have no concept of what that even means.

Freedom of speech is the antithesis of socialism. No matter who owns a company, freedom of speech is a right of all citizens in any public square. If the big tech overloads want to "play" in the public square, then they are legally obligated against infringing on those civil rights of everyone, not just who they agree with. Their actions are the exact actions at the beginning of every single communist takeover but you are too stupid to educate yourself on history.

That and you are just a hateful POS. Sounds like you went to the school of Lenin, Stalin and Alinsky, educated by books written by Cloward and Piven. Always perverting the language and the meanings of everything to completely reverse the entire premise or idea of what socialism is. All leftists, like you, must do this because anyone who has a modicum of critical thinking skills knows that socialism sucks.

Great for the wealthy elite but makes everyone else a dirt poor surf. But because it doesn't happen in an instant, you think it doesn't happen at all. It happens over time until one pivotal moment that allows this cancer to root itself so deeply that it kills the host. We are the host - you are the accomplice.

As apposed to buying what other junk? *** from China? All the while they have been buying off our country through our colleges, our tech industry, our government, and more specifically our President! He does donate his money to help the massive addition in our country THANKS TO CHINA!

Do your efin homework. And why is O'Biden handing out our tax dollars all over the world instead of homeless? Why aren't ANY of the communist leftists in all the major *** cities helping them? They aren't, they are creating more...

and soon, we will all be there. Right where they wants us so their "legacy wealth" and power keep them above it all. It is painfully clear what a simpleton you are. People like you are the problem.

BIDEN AND CULT STOLE THE ELECTION! We all know it. Just because people blatantly lie about it doesn't make it untrue.

If you repeat a lie, a big lie, often enough, weak-minded people will believe it. Grow a brainstem and a pair of thumbs, will ya?


Propaganda and China empathizer

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