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I have an 11 year old daughter they goes to Oklahoma Middle School. She is now refusing to wear her master School and she is fighting for the student body 2 not wearmaster school claims it should be a personal choice in the scientific data is not backing up the science.

Just wondering if someone wanted to interview her for taking this stand she is being sent home on a daily basis because she's refusing to wear her mask. You can contact me her father at 443-955-****

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"Just wondering if someone wanted to interview her " No one wants to interview a banal and lame brat who has a parent who wants to get 15 minutes of fame while living vicariously through a child. Keep this one close.

When she gets out into the world, she'll find out just how horrible you were.

She will hate you at best. You'll be lucky if she talks to you and lets you speak to your grandkids, once a year and only on speakerphone while she and her husband listen in the background with their thumb on the disconnect button.

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