Newsmax - Sean Hyman-Money Matrix Insider Loser!

Sean Hyman- Money Matrix Insider brags about his credentials and inside track on making money in the currency market.

You can lose a fortune while investing with him even though he tells you weekly through videos and e-mails how and why you should buy/sell currencies with his recommendations. He goes on and on about his brilliant decisions as to why he does what but it is all to no avail because 9 out of 10 times he is wrong and then blames it on conditions beyond his control.

He charges $1500.00 a year for his "professional advice" and you could make more money by throwing darts at a dart-board while blindfolded.

Stay away from him and his website,

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6 hours ago

None of the failings is surprising. Hyman is graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, which teaches 'Prosperity', and actually, is well known among Christians as NOT believing the Gospel of the Blood Atonement (many books on the subject) - so no, not a 'man of God'.

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Dec 18

subscribed for one year, 3 months later I get a charge of $100 from same website. Some other guy from website charged me. Weird. Money hungry mongers.

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Dec 18

I have VALE, ABX, NEM, etc... and most of them are down about 40% for the year. If I just stuck with apple, which they advised to dump, I would be jumping for joy. Will never renew this junk!

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Dec 10 Fremont, California

Sean Hyman's portfolio is rapidly tanking. All his picks are down 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 % !!
his 1 in 10 winning pick is up roughly 20%
There should be laws against lying profusely and false advertising and making false claims.
This is all in a 1 year period so I am holding the tanks in hopes of recovering some of the money that was lost from listening to terrible advice. Sean Hyman is just a bad stock picker with a very bad portfolio comprised of mostly big losses. He did call a few that were highly accented and glamorized . It is not true though most is trickery and mostly lies.
I am not happy with the service not even at $49 a year. I would not recommend to anybody and I will never listen to anything from Sean Hyman or affiliates any time again ever. That organization has lost all credibility and I am going to have to wait it out to hopefully recoup all the losses. Perhaps in several years or a decade maybe, I do not know.

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Dec 11

It has been a raging bull market for the past few years, a monkey throwing darts at a board to pick stocks could make money. I find it hard to believe that Sean has lost people money. According to his updates for past 6 months he has had 100% winners? No losing stock picks. Is this a lie?

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Disappointed by Hyman

Dec 05

I pity the poorer subscribers who followed Mr. Hyman's advice to invest in ABX and SLV because they are much poorer for the experience. When Mr. Hyman suggested that his subscribers invest in ABX it was near $43/share. Now it is below $12.00. He did no better with the Silver ETF (SLV). There are also the dismal results of his suggested investments in South American energy stocks.  I am a former subscriber to his Wealth Report. It cost less than $100 for the first year but it cost me much more than that. I believe that Mr. Hyman intends to do well by his subscribers, but he just doesn't have the capability to do so. In fact I think that he has diluded himself into thinking that he is doing well for his subscribers.  He does that by pointing to the profits made in his "Sold Positions".  They all ended in the black.  Unfortunately, the negative results in his open portfolios more than offset those profits.  Beware of false profits. 

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Hurting investor

Nov 19 Worcester, Massachusetts

I made three trades on his recommendations last year (ABX, BTU and VALE), all of them are in the red big time losing more than 40% each! What I found troubling is how every update he said the technical chart showed that the worst is over and the stocks will rebound soon. It's been two years now and I am still waiting for the rebound! I think his technical analysis is okay and helpful. However, he appears to be unwilling to admit that some of his recommendations were poor. I think that is not helpful to the subscribers.

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Nov 22

You wouldn't think Sean was losing his subscribers money by his twitter remarks! Go to @sean_hyman and watch him brag when these losing stocks get a 1 day bounce! Very dishonest of sean. Man of God?

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Oct 08

All legitimate investing should be synergistic (you gain if others gain.) Like gambling and illegal endeavors, many people take the approach that they will only gain if others lose. This latter approach yields only fleeting pleasure.

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Oct 08

All legitimate investing should be synergistic (you gain if others gain.) Like gambling and illegal endeavors, many people take the approach that they will only gain if others lose. This latter approach yields only fleeting pleasure.

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Sep 04 Littleton, Massachusetts

I have been with Sean for a year and am up 18 % With his picks. He studies the fundamentals and recommends. I review it and make decision to buy or not. I get email to sell, I do every time and I get out with a good profit. I am a fan!

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Sep 10

This is not a real subscriber. It is either someone who knows Sean personally or is Sean himself. All the positive reviews are worded the same! I know the stocks Sean has been recommending the past year, $RIG, $VALE gold miners and coal stocks. He has been losing subs money during a bull market.

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Mac D

Aug 17 Ottawa, Ontario

I have had a good run with Sean Hyman. Ordered it last year and I think it was just over $100 not $1500. Since January I have made $14000 on his picks. I look at each carefully before I lay money out and there were a few I was opposed to personally so I did not buy them. The others seem to be doing well and I watch for sell emails but I also watch myself diligently and sell or buy based on what I have learned. He is great at explaining the charts.
I think it was helpful for a beginner but if you already know what you are doing you probably can just do your own thing.

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Aug 07 Calgary, Alberta

I am a subscriber to his Ultimate Wealth Report service for over a year now. The cost was $50 for a year of weekly and monthly updates, plus access to several e-books. Of the 17 bought and sold positions so far, the returns typically have been in the mid 2O's with none lower than 12% and one as high as 51%. Before you go slagging someone, get your facts straight. His updates have provided me with a wonderful education on stocks. Your loss.

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John Smith

Aug 08

No losses? Find that hard to believe. Sean has to play by the rules. He strayed, lied and now the government have shut him down. Now he has no income and he is selling his car. House will be next - foreclosure looming. Crime doesn't pay.

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Jul 28 Waverly, Ohio

@ original poster I don't believe you review. In fact you sound like a disgruntled liberal, who is just all pi.ssed off because you guys are going to lose in the next election due to you guys sucking so bad.

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Jun 26

I've followed his advice and have done well. Most people don't understand this is investing NOT trading. Takes time!!!!

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May 20 La Jolla, California

People, ask yourself this one question: If the system worked so well, why would this guy be spending his time, effort and money trying to sell educational resources? :upset
Wouldn't he be using his own system making tons of money?

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May 14

Just one question; how is Sean rated by Hulbert's Financial Digest? I want 3rd party verification. Hulbert rates 188 investment newsletters to objectively find out how you would have done following their advice. You rarely see a newsletter say that they are rated by HFD or bragg that Hulbert rated their advice in the top 10% of all newletters. Unless you're Warren Buffet, show me 3rd party verification or get lost!

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