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Dear Sir, when you do a poll online and you ask if you are for bump rump trump or chilly hilly I am for neither one, there should be another option. *** vulgar dump trump makes me sick and chilly hilly is just as bad. We need someone else to run, because we have nothing with those two. By the way rump dump trump can be the president over in Scotland and chilly hilly can go overseas also.

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I am so sick and tired of having your alleged poll on whether I would vote for the Wicked Witch (Hillary Rob-um Clinton) or Trump coming onto my screen every few seconds that I am seriously considering having my name removed from your list. And even when I click on the X it still takes me to your poll. Furthermore you REQUIRE personal information, which I will not give, before you accept my vote. I consider your alleged poll to be a fraud... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 14
  • #865536

Can't access newsmax websites. Have trouble reading news stories.

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newsmax is trying to force their evil and hate filled christian religion on all of us... there must be a very long list of words that get you auto deleted..."what was the sex of the kitten" ...will get deleted because of the ...godless monitors appear to be ten year old little girls...with intelligence and emotional maturity to match (no offense meant to little girls) ... they try to pass off religious extremist nut jobs as... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 03
  • #859577

Bought a book on their site, they sign you up for 2 publications, i was unaware after 3 months they charge you $39.95 twice, i will post everywhere to warn people of this rip off company, i have a dispute im filing with the b

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I followed many of its investing tips for a two year cycle. While I did not expect tremendous growth given some of the global economic positions, I did not expect to be in weak positions with every recommendation. The information looks savvy but the technical analysis using Elliott Wave Theory is severely flawed. With no stop loss, you are subject to significant losses. I am only thankful that I did not invest entirely in his portfolio... Read more

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I ordered the Knockout Cancer Kit with The Blaylock Wellness Report. The cancer kit was supposed to have free publications, including Cancer-Proof Your Body, etc. I received a few monthly newsletters but never heard anything of the free publications. Months went by and still nothing, but I assumed things were backlogged as I thought I recalled seeing that it takes 8 weeks or more for delivery. I waited patiently for additional 3 months. ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apr 02
  • #822064

Never get into a Newsmax Poll they give you email address to spammersgalore

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I have posted on newsmax for years with a following and over 117,000 up votes until a troll stole my Moniker . I reported the incident to Disqus Moderators as well as to newsmax staff . I sent a letter to Newsmax Staff Anthony Rizzo with the trolls PNNM# as well as my PNNM# and Disqus and newsmax deleted my account opposed to the troll . I am now banned from Disqus and newsmax for being a victim - they silenced my Freedom of Speech. Which... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 16
  • #810703

Charged my credit card without my permission.

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